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Are You in the Mood for a Trip to Vienna?

Do you seek some cultural adventure? Or are you more keen on having a physically active holiday? Whatever your needs and interests are, Vienna has definitely got something exciting to offer to anyone. The information on our website aims to help you to get the most out of your visit to Vienna. Happy traveling!

Attractions & Activities

Check out the numerous attractions that this vibrant city with an exciting past has to offer, from historic sights to modern city parts. You can also find the type of activity that best suits your mood and interests of the moment.

Historic Attractions

Vienna's imperial heritage and rich history is around the city both in downtown and at the outskirts.

Museums, art galleries

From classical pieces to contemporary art installations you will find an exciting museum and art scene here.

Architecture, buildings

Find the landmarks of the different periods in architecture while walking through the streets.


A diverse city constantly in development where majestic palaces and modern skyscrapers come together.

Parks, green areas

Sustainability and the protection of the environment are key parts of Viennese lifestyle.

Day trips

Vienna's central location is a good starting point for exploring the region both domestically and internationally.

Nightclubs, dancing

Check out Vienna's nightlife, the various clubs, pubs and discos in the party quarters and beyond.

Music, concerts, clubs

Fancy some live music? Both local and international acts frequent the city's music venues throughout the year.

LGBT Vienna

Vienna is a very open-minded place and offers a laid back environment for people in the LGBT community.

Family activities, sports

You can find many places for pursuing sports and physical activity or for family programs outdoors and indoors.

Theatre, stage, classical music

Vienna is an established European hotspot for classical music, musicals, theatre life and stage performances.


Explore the many places where you can locate something unique to take home. From artisan food to handmade souvenirs, from popular Austrian brands to international labels, there is something here for everyone.

Shopping malls, supermarkets

Walk through the city's famous shopping streets or try one of the many shopping malls and supermarkets.

Farmers' markets, organic food shops

Are you looking for some fresh produce? Maybe artisan food or organic brands catering to all types of diets?

Bookshops, specialty bookstores

Get lost in a good story or satiate your hunger for knowledge through browsing books in one of Vienna's fine booksshops.

Flea-markets, antique shops

Whether you want to hunt for a bargain or come across antique and rare items, these places are definitely for you.

Vintage clothes, boutiques

Are you in the mood for dressing up in old styles? Find unique clothes and accessories from decades gone by.

Home decor shops

Spice up the look and feel of your home with a bit of local home decor and interior design pieces.

Record shops

Are you an audiophile who likes old-school vinyl records? Find some rare treasures to extend your collection.

Traditional Austrian Dishes

Discover local flavours and then take home some authentic Austrian pastry, artisan food or canned goods with you.

Eating Out

Discover the culinary delights of the region from fine dining to cheap options. Austrians are famous for their hospitality and their cuisine makes an excellent use of local ingredients and expertise in the kitchen.

Fine dining, restaurants

Try one of the city's premium restaurants led by the top chefs of Austria offering their own specialties.

Brunch and breakfast

Start the day with a delicious and nutrient-rich breakfast so that you have the energy to explore the city.


The Viennese coffee house culture is world-famous. Enjoy a slice of Sacher cake and a cup of Wiener Melange coffee during your day.

Useful Travel Tips

Find out about how you can make your stay in Vienna more worry-free and convenient. Read our tips about public transport, accommodation, important country information such as opening hours, electricity, bank holidays, the weather, and more.

Practical travel information

Arriving, public transport, finding accomodation. Important information about money, electricity, opening hours, public holdays, emergency phone numbers, etc.

What to pack for Vienna

Don't worry about what to pack into your luggage. We've got you covered with our extensive list for all seasons.

Travel books about Austria

Browse through your favourite travel books to get a more in-depth knowledge about Vienna and Austria.