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Vienna Austria, 14th October, 2016: Schonbrunn Palace by dziewul, Bigstockphoto

Welcome to our website!

Vienna Hipster Guide aims to provide you with helpful information about Vienna, the capital of Austria. Vienna has become quite a popular travel destination over the years for all kinds of travel purposes. Needless to say, that perhaps the most well known images of this city are linked to its historical heritage.

The lavishly decorated buildings, the stunning palaces from the Habsburg era, the parks and gardens that have been witnessing the comings and goings of Viennese inhabitants over the centuries are regularly featured on postcatds about the city.

But it's not just the architecture and history that draws tourists to this magnificent place. Vienna is a famous cultural center in the region. Whether it's music or fine art, classical or contemporary, there is always something on the program for everyone's interests.

Let's get on an adventure together, fellow hipsters!

The travel information on this websites targets a special 'demographic', if you like, namely hipsters. This word has become a bit of a cliche lately, so take it with a grain of salt. When we use the term, whom we really have in mind are more an open-minded, somewhat bohemian modern day hippies, regardless of their physical age or social status. In short, if you consider yourself a free spirit and want to discover the world for you, by experiencing other cultures and getting to know locals, then you are one of us.

Here are a bunch of topics for travellers that we cover on Vienna Hipster Guide:
- Culture, history, art, architecture
- Active tourism, sports
- Shopping
- Eating out, nightlife
- Organic food in the city
- LGBT venues and places
- Cultural events
- Startup in Vienna

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If you wish to get in touch with us you can do so by dropping an email to the following address:
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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will have a great time in Vienna and the advice and tips provided on our web pages will help you to get the most out of your trip in Austria. Have great fun!