How to Find the Best Accommodation in Vienna, Austria: From Top Hotels to Staying with Locals

The city of Vienna has been a magnet for tourists for a very long time. Tourism is an important source of revenue here, which means, that providing accommodation to visitors has become and important part of the industry. Accommodation options range from low budget to deluxe category. You can easily find the ideal place to stay at matching your interests, your special requirements, and of course your wallet.

General booking:

The most popular online hotel booking platform is, so your first stop might be to check out their website and look for a good deal. It's not uncommon to come across a bargain price for a more expensive hotel.


For younger travellers and for those who have more minimalistic needs when it comes to accommodation, youth hostels are a great option. They can be relatively cheap and they attract a colourful and vibrant crowd.
Hostelworld listings:


Are you more interested to try the local lifestyle and stay and book a room or an apartment in a private individual's property? That's what Airbnb is for. Browse through their pages and find the best offer on their website.

How to choose the right accommodation type for you?

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a place to stay for your visit in Vienna:

  • read the reviews of the hotel / room written by previous guests
  • look for deals
  • is it easily reached by public transport?
  • are there shops, cafés, restaurants, gyms (or whatever it is that you find essential for your staying) near there?
  • what is and isn't included in the price (breakfast, wifi, mini bar, etc)
  • if you have health needs, can they be covered by the vendor
  • does it have a good reputation (cleanliness, safety, professionalism, hospitality, etc)

When you go abroad or visit another place, one of the most expensive elements of your trip is usually the hotel bill. You should know that the state and the vibe of your accommodation can significantly impact your overall holiday experience, so it's often worth to invest a bit more money into your lodging options, instead of going for the cheapest available place. If possible, look out for special deals or book months in advance to secure the best accomodation for your trip.