Traditional Austrian Dishes That You Should Try

Traditional Austrian cuisine has been influenced by its neighbouring countries, especially from the times of the Habsburg Empire. As a consequence, there are many popular dishes in Austria that are also widely known in the whole Central European region. But we shouldn't forget about the tasty offerings of the Alps, either. Here is a list of dishes that you should give a try when staying in Austria. If you want to prepare these culinary specialties, grab one of the cook books below that offer Austrian recipes.


  • Wiener Schnitzel: a type of schnitzel made of a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet
  • Schachertorte: chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam, coated in dark chocolate icing
  • Tafelspitz: beef boiled in broth
  • Wiener Würstel: thin parboiled sausage traditionally made of pork and beef
  • Kaiserschmarrn: soft, fluffy pancake ripped into bites and slightly roasted in a pan, served with compote, applesauce or stewed plums
  • Apfelstrudel: apple strudel
  • Topfenstrudel: cream cheese / cottage cheese strudel
  • Austrian Goulash: stew like soup
  • Erdäpfelsalat: potato salad
  • Powidltascherl: plum jam turnovers / dumplings
  • Knödel: dumplings
  • Leberkäse: a loaf of corned beef, pork and bacon
  • Rindsuppe: beef soup
  • Tiroler Gröstl: bacon, onion and potato fry-up
  • Germknödel: fluffy yeast dough dumpling, filled with plum jam, sprikled with poppy seeds on top
  • Vorarlberg Käsknöpfle (or Käsespätzle): a combination of soft egg noodle and various cheeses
  • Wachauer Marillenknödel: a dumpling stuffed with an apricot and covered with streusel and powdered sugar
  • Punschkrapfen: a pastry with a fine rum flavor, coated in pink icing and has the shape of a cube
  • Buchteln: sweet rolls made of yeast dough, filled with jam, ground poppy seeds or curd
  • Palatschinken (Eierkuchen): pancakes similar to French Crêpes
  • Linzer torte: a cake of crumbly pastry with jam filling, covered by a lattice of dough strips
  • Mohnnudeln: poppy seeds covered noodles
  • Frittatensuppe: soup with stripes of crepes (Palatschinken) in it
  • Topfengolatschen: quark pastry with the texture of puff pastry or Danish pastry


  • Wiener Melange: coffee, half Mokka, half heated milk, often topped with foamed milk
  • Einspänner Coffee (Viennese Coffee): made with two shots of espresso and lots of whipped cream
  • Almdudler: soft drink based on mountain herbs and with a flavour reminiscent of elderflower beverages
  • Schnaps: drink with high alcohol content, made from a variety of fruits and herbs
  • Jägertee: alpine tea, made with spiced rum, red wine, tea, plum brandy or liqueur and spices

Impress Your Friends with Cooking an Austrian Menu

Have you been seduced by the delicious dishes of Austrian cuisine? Why not trying to prepare them yourself? Check out the cookbooks below for inspiration and then get immersed into culinary delights. Whether you would only cook for yourself or you want to impress your family and friends with these recipes, it will most likely be an adventure for everyone's tastebuds.

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