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The Best Places to Drink Craft Beer, the Best Independent Breweries and Handcrafted Beer in Vienna, Austria

Craft beer has been enjoying a surge in popularity worldwide in recent years. It isn't any different in the Austrian capital. Several microbreweries and beer pubs have popped up serving a dedicated beer loving clientele. Get to know some of the favourite brands with the local beer connoisseurs.

100 Blumen (100 Flowers) Craft Beer Brewery

they produce their own brand, it's sold at many places
Web: https://www.100blumen.at/

Beaver Brewing Company

check out their own brands and take a tour at their brewery
Liechtensteinstraße 69, 1090 Wien
Web: https://www.beaverbrewing.at/

Brew Age brewery

they sell their own brand
shop: Mittelgasse 4, 1060 Wien
Web: https://brewage.at/en/

The Brickmakers Pub

sells international brands and their own one
Zieglergasse 42, 1070 Wien
Beer club: http://www.brickmakers.at/bierclub

Collabs Brewery

they produce their own beer brand
Web: http://www.hawidere.at/collabs/index.php

Wieden Bräu

they produce their own brand,
specialties: https://wieden-bräu.at/spezialbiere/
Waaggasse 5, 1040 Wien
Web: https://wieden-bräu.at/

Mel's craft beers & diner

extensive range of Austrian and international craft beer
Wipplingerstraße 9, 1010 Wien
Web: https://paddysco.at/mels-craft-beers-diner/

Fassldippler pub

sells Austrian craft beer brands
Johann Strauss Gasse 42, 1040 Wien
Web: http://www.fassldippler.at/

Hawidere - Burger & Bier

sells various sorts of craft beer, it is also the home of Collabs Brewery (see above on the list)
Ullmannstraße 31, 1150 Wien
Web: http://hawidere.at/

Beer Store Vienna

sells a wide range of craft beer plus tap beer for in-store consumption
Wilhelmstraße 23, 1120 Wien
Web: http://www.beerstorevienna.at/

Beer Lovers craft beer store

sells a wide range of craft beer
Gumpendorfer Straße 35, 1060 Wien
Web: https://www.beerlovers.at/

1516 The Brewing Company

pub and brewery
Schwarzenbergstraße 2, 1010 Vienna
Web: http://www.1516brewingcompany.com/

Useful links:

Craft beer festival in Vienna
held in May
Web: https://www.craftbierfest.at/