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Upcoming Film Releases, Film Festivals, Cinemas and Film Clubs to Go to in Vienna, Austria

Are you a cinephile? Then we've got good news for you. Vienna is full of great cinemas from state of the art 3d enabled theatres to more obscure around the corner type cinemas. A bunch of them sceen films in English. You can also watch movies both with German dubbing and in original language but with German subtitles. If you visit Vienna during one of the film festivals that is held in the city, don't forget to drop by and get a ticket for one of the screenings.

Cinema schedule (in German)

Web: https://www.film.at/kinoprogramm/wien

Cinemas that show films in English

  • Apollo
  • Artis International
  • Haydn Kino
  • Votiv Kino
  • Top Kino
  • Filmcasino
  • Burgkino
  • Schikaneder
  • Gartenbau Kino

1.) Cinemas in Wien

Actors Studio

1010, Tuchlauben 13
Web: https://www.cineplexx.at/center/actors-studio/

Admiral Kino

1070, Burggasse 119
Web: http://www.admiralkino.at/programm/

Apollo Kino

1060, Gumpendorferstrasse 63
Web: https://www.cineplexx.at/center/apollo-das-kino/

Artis International

1010, Schultergasse 5
Web: https://www.cineplexx.at/center/artis-international/

Bellaria Kino

1070, Museumstrasse 3

BSL Kino (Breitenseer Lichtspiele)

1140, Breitenseerstrasse 21
Web: http://www.bsl-wien.at/

Burg Kino

1010, Opernring 19
Web: https://www.burgkino.at/

Cine Center

1010, Fleischmarkt 6
Web: http://www.cinecenter.at/


1010, Friedrichstrasse 4
Web: https://www.wienxtra.at/cinemagic/

Cineplexx Wien Auhof

1140, Albert Schweitzer Gasse 6
Web: https://www.cineplexx.at/center/cineplexx-wien-auhof/

Cineplexx Donauplex

1140, Wagramer Strasse 79 79
Web: https://www.cineplexx.at/center/cineplexx-donau-plex/

Cineplexx Wienerberg

1140, Wienerbergstrasse 11
Web: https://www.cineplexx.at/center/cineplexx-wienerberg/

de France

1010, Schottenring 5
Web: http://www.votivkino.at/f_1prog.htm


1050, Margaretenstrasse 78
Web: https://www.filmcasino.at/

Filmhauskino am Spittelberg

1070, Spittelberggasse 3
Web: https://www.filmhaus.at/


1010, Augustinerstrasse 1 (Albertina)
Web: https://www.filmmuseum.at


1010, Parkring 12
Web: https://www.gartenbaukino.at/

Haydn English Cinema

1060, Mariahilfer Strasse 57
Web: https://www.haydnkino.at/Cinema/Overview

Hollywood Megaplex Gasometer

1110, Guglgasse 43
Web: https://www.megaplex.at/kino/hollywood-megaplex-gasometer

Hollywood Megaplex SCN

1210, Ignaz-Köck-Strasse 1
Web: https://www.megaplex.at/kino/hollywood-megaplex-scn

Künstlerhaus Kino

1010, Akademiestrasse 13
Web: https://www.k-haus.at/

Lugner Kino City

1150, Gablenzgasse 1-3
Web: https://www.lugnerkino.at/

Metro Kinokulturhaus

1010, Johannesgasse 4
Web: https://www.filmarchiv.at/en/


1040, Margaretenstrasse 24
Web: https://www.schikaneder.at/kino/kinoprogramm

Stadtkino Wien

1030, Schwarzenbergplatz 7
Web: http://stadtkinowien.at/


1060, Rahlgasse 1
Web: https://www.topkino.at/

UCI Kinowelt Millenium City

1200, Wehlistrasse 66
Web: https://www.uci-kinowelt.at/

Urania Kino

1010, Uraniastrasse 1
Web: https://www.cineplexx.at/center/urania-kino/

Village Cinema Wien Mitte

1030, Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 2a
Web: https://www.cineplexx.at/center/village-cinema-wien-mitte/


1090, Währinger Strasse 12
Web: http://www.votivkino.at/f_1prog.htm

2.) Notable film festivals in Vienna

Music Film Festival at City Hall Square (Rathausplatz)

held in the summer, no info for current year yet

Vienna International Film Festival (Viennale)

in October
Web: https://www.viennale.at/en

Vienna Independent Film Festival (VIFF)

in July
Web: http://www.vienna-film-festival.com/

Vienna Shorts Festival

May - June
Web: https://www.viennashorts.com/en/

dotdotdot - Openair Short Film Festival

July - August
Web: https://dotdotdot.at/

More film festivals in Austria

Web: http://www.austrianfilms.com/