The Best Museums and Art Galleries in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, 14th June, 2014: Museumsquartier or MQ is the home of many famous museums. by YKD, Bigstockphoto

The city has a very rich and vibrant museum scene. Art plays an important role in shaping a country's cultural heritage and it isn't any different in the case of Austria. The museums of Vienna cover a wide selection of interests ranging from history, art and science to more obscure niche-like topics. Many of these institutes offer programs aimed specifically at children, so if you visit Vienna with the family, you can easily come across some fun cultural event that would peak your kid's interest, too. It's worth to start your journey at the Museumsquartier which is a building complex hosting several museums and exhibitions. From there continue to Maria Theresien-Platz where the Art History Museum and the Nature History Museum are situated on either side of the square.

Here is a list of the most popular museums of the city.

1. Belvedere Palace Museum

The Belvedere Palace is a historic landmark within Vienna. It consists of two parts, the Upper Belvedere and the Lower Belvedere. There are several exhibitions to see, including the collection of the famous Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and his most well-known work “The Kiss”.
- Upper Belvedere:
  Address: Prinz-Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Wien
- Lower Belvedere, Orangery
  Address: Rennweg 6, 1030 Wien
Belvedere Palace, Vienna - Wien

2. Hofburg

The Hofburg was the residence of the Habsburgs for centuries. When you visit this majestic building you will be able to see three different exhibitions: the Sisi Museum, the Imperial Apartments and the Silver Collection. It's absolutely a must-see for history nerds.
Address: Hofburg, Michaelerkuppel 1010 Wien
Hofburg Museum, Vienna - Wien

3. Albertina

Albertina is one of the major European museums for fine art. Whether it's about classic masters or notorious modernist, there is always something exciting to be found on the walls of the exhibition rooms. This museum is located near the Opera House and the Burggarten.
Address: Albertinaplatz 1 , 1010 Wien
Albertina Museum, Vienna, Austria - Wien, Österreich

4. Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum)

This is another great destination for art lovers. Take a cultural journey through time from ancient times to modern days through the different collections of the museum. And once your appetite for culture has been satisfied, time to head to the cafe of the museum for culinary delights. The Cafe-Restaurant surrounded by the beautiful interiors of the dome hall of the museum is a feast in itself for the eyes.
Address: Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna, Austria

5. Naturhistorisches Museum (Nature History Museum)

This building is situated on the other side of Maria-Thereisen-Platz, opposite the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Explore the happy marriage of science and nature with the help of modern technology. An ideal adventure for both the young and the old.
Address: Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna

6. Leopold Museum

Leopold Museum is located in the Museumsquartier. Their collection specializes in Austrian artists from the second half of the nineteenth century to modernists. Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka are some of the more well known names on display here. Visitors can learn a lot about the intellectual and cultural life of Vienna around 1900 through the exhibition pieces.
Address: Museumsplatz 1 , 1070 Wien
Leopold Museum Wien, MuseumsQuartier - Vienna

7. Hundertwasser Museum (Kunst Haus Wien)

Have you heard about Friedensreich Hundertwasser? He counts as one of the most important Austrian artists of the twentieth century. He was not only a painter but a visionary ecological 'warrior' who promoted a green, nature friendly stance in his architectural designs. The whole building of the museum reflects this idea. Architecturally the museum has a very unique look both inside and outside and is a frequent spot for taking photographs.
Address: Untere Weißgerberstraße 13 , 1030 Wien
Hundertwasser Museum (Kunst Haus Wien), Vienna

8. Technisches Museum (Museum of Technology)

This is a popular destination for technology enthusiasts. If you visit Vienna with kids then the exhibitions might prove to be rather fascinating for them. The museum holds various activities for both adults and children all year round.
Address: Mariahilfer Straße 212, 1140 Wien

9. Mumok - Museum of Modern Art

This is another museum that is located in the building complex called Museumsquartier. The Mumok specializes in showcasing the works of contemporary artists. Apart from exhibitions the institution offers other forms of entertainment as well, such as film screenings and performances.
Address: Museumsplatz 1 , 1070 Wien
Mumok - Museum of Modern Art Vienna, MuseumsQuartier, Wien

10. MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts

This museum offers a range of exhibitions of contemporary artist. It also showcases the art in objects we surround ourselves with in everyday life. This is where design, architecture, technology and art meet. You can explore the history of applied arts and also dip into the world of contemporary designers.
Address: Stubenring 5 , 1010 Wien

11. MuseumsQuartier

Museumsquartier is not a stand alone museum, more like a cultural center. It hosts a bunch of museums on its grounds and organizes several events all year round. The building complex is a popular meeting point for young folks, especially hipsters. A great destination for families, as well, having several programs specifically for children. The Museumsquartier is situated a crosswalk away from the Maria-Theresien-Platz.
Address: Museumsplatz 1 , 1070 Wien
MuseumsQuartier Wien, Vienna

12. Sisi Museum

Empress Elisabeth, or better known in Austria as Sisi, had quite an interesting life that served as inspiration for many films over the decades and even a famous musical was written about the controversial character that she was. The museum gives you a little insight into who she was and how she lived. If you want to get closer to the mystery of Sisi, this venue should be on your checklist.
Address: Michaelerkuppel (inside Hofburg), Kaiserappartements, 1010 Wien