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Eating Out - The Best Places for Restaurants, Cafes, Breakfast and Quick Eats in Vienna

Discover the culinary delights of the region from fine dining to cheap options. Austrians are famous for their hospitality and their cuisine makes an excellent use of local ingredients and expertise in the kitchen.

The Best Premium Restaurants for Fine Dining in Vienna

Enjoy the culinary specialties that Vienna has to offer. Whether it's traditional Austrian food that you wish to explore, or it's the menu of a high rated restaurant with an international cuisine that you are after, there are many places to visit for all tastes.

The Best Places for Eating Brunch and Breakfast in Vienna

The best way to kickstart your day is to have a healthy breakfast. And where else to spend your morning meal in Vienna if not in a traditional café. The city is full of them! Lately more and more places offer a wide variety of breakfast and brunch food. Luckily, the menu often includes dishes that are ideal for people with special eating requirements due to food sensitivities or other health reasons.

The Best Cafes for Meeting Friends and Eating out in Vienna

Would you like to hang out with friends at a nice place with friendly ambience and have a relaxed conversation without intrusive loud background music? Cafes are popular establishments for this. Passing some time in a cozy coffeehouse in a lazy fashion is part of the Viennese life style. You should definitely experience this during your stay in the city.

Traditional Austrian Dishes That You Should Try

Traditional Austrian cuisine has been influenced by its neighbouring countries, especially from the times of the Habsburg Empire. As a consequence, there are many popular dishes in Austria that are also widely known in the whole Central European region. But we shouldn't forget about the tasty offerings of the Alps, either.