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The Best Supermarkets and Shopping Malls in Vienna, Austria

Are you looking for ways to spend some money on stuff? There are many shopping options available in Vienna from the high end to the low. The center of the city is a good place to start for individuel shops, both for designer labels and bargains. Here is a list of recommendations for where to look for shopping opportunities, including the main supermarket chains if you only want to stock up some food.

1.) Shopping streets

a/ Mariahilfer Strasse
This is Vienna's most famous shopping street going on for the distance of several subway stations. Westbahnhof (Western Railway Station) is situated a few minutes away from one end of the street. There are several well-known brands represented in this street. You will also find lots of bars, cafes and restaurants, not to mention some more obscure or less-known shops in the side streets. District 6 and 7.

b/ Kärntner Strasse
Disctrict 1

Kärntner Strasse, Wien, Österreich - shopping street in Vienna

Kärntner Strasse, Wien, Österreich - shopping street in Vienna with Christmas decorations

c/ Landstraßer Hauptstrasse
Disctrict 3

d/ Favoritenstrasse - near Südtiroler Platz (Hauptbahnhof - Central Railway Station)
District 10

e/ Graben - in the center of the city
District 1

Graben, Wien, Österreich - shopping street in Vienna with Christmas decorations

2.) Shopping malls

Donau Zentrum
Wagramer Straße 81
Web: https://www.donauzentrum.at/

Wien Mitte The Mall
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1b
Web: https://www.wienmitte-themall.at/

Lugner City
Gablenzgasse 11
Web: https://www.lugner.at/

BahnhofCity Wien Hauptbahnhof
Wien Hauptbahnhof (Central Railway Station), Am Hauptbahnhof 1
Web: https://www.hauptbahnhofcity.wien/

BahnhofCity Wien West
Wien Westbahnhof (Western Railway Station), Europaplatz 1-3
Web: https://www.bahnhofcitywienwest.at/

Kärntner Ring 5 - 7 and 9 - 13
Web: https://www.ringstrassen-galerien.at/

Stadion Center
Olympiaplatz 2
Web: https://www.stadioncenter.at/

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 99
Web: https://www.galleria.at/

Columbus Center
Columbusplatz 7-8
Web: https://www.1100columbus.at/

Einkaufszentrum Hernals
Elterleinplatz 12
Web: https://www.zentrum-hernals.at/

Grinzinger Strasse 112
Web: https://www.q19.at/de

Zentrum Simmering
Simmeringer Hauptstraße 96A
Web: https://zs.co.at/

3.) Main supermarket chains

Hofer (in the rest of the world known as Aldi)
Web: https://www.hofer.at/

Web: https://www.lidl.at/de/index.htm

Spar / Interspar
Web: https://www.spar.at/
Web: https://www.interspar.at/

Billa (and supermarkets formerly known as Merkur)
Web: https://www.billa.at