The Best Wine Tours, Taverns and Vineyards for Wine Tasting in Vienna, Austria

Austria has several wine regions where different grape varieties are grown. And can you believe that? Vienna, the capital of the country is one of those regions. The city has 637 hectares of vines in the green belt surrounding Vienna. If you are a lover of wine, it's probably a good idea to go on a culinary journey in the outskirts of this metropolis.

Find out more about the Viennese wine region here:

Vienna Heurigen Express

You can take a tour around the vineyards and the wine taverns of the city with the Vienna Heurigen Express, a cozy hop on hop off type of mini train. Check out timetables here:

The Viennese Heurige

The word 'heurige' roughly translates into wine taverns. You can find the Viennese Heurige across the wine villages of the capital. You can find more information about them by doing a quick google search for the word 'heuriger' and one of the wine villages of Vienna listed below:

  • Nussdorf
  • Kahlenberg
  • Grinzing
  • Strebersdorf
  • Stammersdorf
  • Jedlersdorf
  • Ottakring
  • Hernals
  • Pötzleinsdorf
  • Heiligenstadt
  • Sievering
  • Neustift am Walde
  • Mauer
  • Rodaun
  • Oberlaa

Hier is a PDF File about Viennese wine taverns: Wiener Heurigen Guide 2020

Here are a few recommendations for wine taverns

Weingut (Vineyard) Franz Wieselthaler in Oberlaa

Oberlaaer Straße 71, 1100 Wien

Heuriger 10er Marie

Ottakringer Straße 222-224, 1160 Wien

Weinbau Manhardt

Liesingbachstraße 51, 1100 Wien

Weingut Hengl-Haselbrunner

Iglaseegasse 10, 1190 Wien
Web: Facebook page: Hengl-Haselbrunner

Müllers Heuriger und Weingut

Cobenzlgasse 38, 1190 Wien

Heuriger Schübel-Auer

Kahlenberger Straße 22, 1190 Wien

Heuriger Wieninger

Stammersdorfer Straße 78, 1210 Wien

Weingut und Hurige - Richard Lentner

Jedlersdorfer Platz 10, 1210 Wien

Weingut Zahel

Maurer Hauptplatz 9, 1230 Wien

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