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The Best Cafes for Meeting Friends and Eating out in Vienna, Austria

Would you like to hang out with friends at a nice place with friendly ambience and have a relaxed conversation without intrusive loud background music? Cafes are popular establishments for this. Passing some time in a cozy coffeehouse in a lazy fashion is part of the Viennese life style. You should definitely experience this during your stay in the city.

Café Central

14 Herrengasse, 1010 Wien
Web: https://www.cafecentral.wien/en/

Café Sacher

Inside Hotel Sacher, Philharmoniker Straße 4, 1010 Wien
Web: https://www.sacher.com/en/
Cafe Sacher / Hotel Sacher, Vienna - Philharmoniker Straße 4, 1010 Wien

Café Prückel

24 Stubenring, 1010 Wien
Web: http://www.prueckel.at/

Café Schwarzenberg

17 Kärntner Ring, 1010 Wien
Web: https://www.cafe-schwarzenberg.at/en/

Kaffee Alt Wien

9 Bäckerstraße, 1010 Wien
Web: https://kaffeealtwien.at/2018/

Cafe Sperl

Gumpendorfer Straße 11, 1060 Wien
Web: https://www.cafesperl.at/en_home.html

Cafe Leopold Hawekla

Dorotheergasse 6, 1010 Wien
Web: http://www.hawelka.at/cafe/de/

Café Dommayer (Kurkonditorei OBERLAA)

Dommayergasse 1, 1130 Wien
Web: http://www.oberlaa-wien.at/standort-13/

Café Mozart

Albertinaplatz 2, 1010 Wien
Web: https://www.cafe-mozart.at/en/cafe-mozart.html
Cafe Mozart, Albertinaplatz 2, 1010 Wien - Vienna, brunch, breakfast

Café Imperial

Kärntner Ring 16, 1010 Wien
Web: https://www.cafe-imperial.at/en/